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Starting from my spare room with R200 in the early 1980's, I named the company after my son Darryn, I supplied many retailers, amongst them being GAME, S.A.B.and CARDIES.

Now with the introduction of the Internet and online selling becoming more popular, I’ve decided to supply my customers directly.

About Us A Little History About us...

Fun trophies are handmade from scratch, as no moulds are used.  There is only one of a kind available, making it exclusive to the recipient.

In the manufacture, some have lights, others are adorned with Swarovski Gemstones, thus adding sentimental value to your Trophy  -  be it a 21st or any other kind of Trophy you’d like to purchase.

Concealed magnets bring out the magic, in that  gem clips and the like, attach themselves to the Trophy thus making it a functional presentation.

Fun trophies also mass produce a wide range of 21st celebratory and other trophies for Christian and Jewish markets and stock is always available.

P.S.  Postage and courier charges not included in the price!